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👜🎒⌛️ TOC in simple words
-BID only if you are ready to purchase (=pay)
-BID only if you are OK with current SUM of price
-HIGHEST BIDDER win, must pay within 24h, notification only by email
-MIA? 👉 account will be disable & all accumulate points will be automatically erased by the system

-MIA BACK OUT & Cancelation will result VOID for your next winning bid (including all multiple account)
-The winner is final non negotiable
-All winner name released by the computer system is a FINAL result, no negotiation/dispute  will be entertained as you have  FULL control  and are free to bid any amount

Terms & Conditions of CADYSDELUXE.com AUCTION Sale

These General Conditions apply to the sale of each ITEMS in the auction subject to any variation or addition referred to in the special conditions of sale relating to the relevant item.

1. Seller reserves to itself the following rights:
(a) to set any start prices, BUY NOW prices or RESERVED prices if any
(b) to withdraw any items before AUCTION END without any explanation
(c) to refuse any bid without having to state any reason or reasons therefore.
(d) to disable accounts with MIA, BACKOUT, CANCELLATION record
(e) to ignore and block such rude, harassment incoming text - MUTUAL RESPECT is a must.

(a) Is open for anyone- including our staffs and partners.
(b) We retains the right to regulate the bidding and refuse any bid or bids without assigning any reason therefore in his sole and absolute discretion.
(c) The person offering the most which is the highest bidder, shall be the purchaser and could be multiple winner.
(d) Once auction END, highest bidders will be the winner and shall become bound and obliged for the sum they bid
(e) Most communication will be via email - once you set at BID please do check your emails as you could be the winners

3. Others
(a) Payment and Delivery terms are to follow all others NON AUCTION items except NO FREE DELIVERY for all auction items.
(b) You could be a winner at any sum of Price - please only BID with your comfort price - NO CANCELLATION- NO RETRACK
(c) MIA/BACKOUT after bidding has obviously waste everybody times and it is not fair to SERIOUS buyer.
(d) MIA Change Mind and cancellation will result a VOID for your next winning bid, this valid as well for those with multiple account.

How to BID?
(a) you need to set an account with valid email address, all communication will be sent via emails 
(b) The System will send email if you has been out bid or if you win an AUCTION
(d) To pay within 24h otherwise we will cancel the bid and we will mark as NON PAYMENT BIDDER we have the right to disable your account to prevent you from future MIA/BACKOUT. 
(E) After 24h NON PAYMENT winner is not entitled to purchase items at  "winning auction price anymore"