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Can we get the receipt?

updated on 1 Jul 2021

Our company is providing import service for those who are looking for:
- items which are not available in Singapore
- Brand authentic items but with cheaper price

B2B Receipt
We used to provide some customers "source" RECEIPT (B2B), boutique/shop receipt where we got the items. From now on, we are no longer providing B2B-RECEIPT for GST /INCOME TAX purposes and we are sorry that we cannot do this due to issue of confidentiality.

GIFT Receipt
However some Shops do print Gift receipts (90%) such as Coach, Michael Kors and Kate Spade ; but please note that we might not get the GIFT Receipt all the time, we will only include it inside the products in case it is available.

We would like to highlight that GIFT RECEIPT and B2B RECEIPT are NOT PART of the DEAL !
For your information: GIFT Receipt is NO longer a proof of authenticity as many non ORI items today are coming with NON ORI receipt.